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The New World of Fantasy Sports

Abhinau Kumar/ January 8, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 12 comments

Fantasy Sports is becoming a craze all over the world. It is an easy, fun and addictive form of online gaming that sports fans can just immerse themselves in.  It allows you to, not only watch the sport you love, but also be the manager of your team of professional sportstars. And it’s quite easy to do! All you have

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The Evolution of Weird Kids

Prahasith Maddury/ January 1, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Steve, in 2009, stated that “that dude over there, why is he collecting rocks? Why doesn’t he play volleyball with us? Man, he’s scaring me. Why is he drawing a finger across his neck? Is he trying to suplex a boulder? Hah! Fucknweeb! Of course he can’t suplex a boulder!” (p. 42). The “Fucknweeb”, as Steve had labelled him, was

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The Old Man’s Tale

Abhinau Kumar/ December 18, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 338 comments

The old man lifted the glass of champagne in his hand Carrying with it the honour of being the Best Man, “To the lovely couple, I would like to raise a toast And tell you a story that I find most Entertaining, but it has nothing to do With our beloved bride or groom. Once upon a time, as many

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Go With The Beat

Abhinau Kumar/ December 4, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Have you ever felt like you just don’t belong where you are? I’m sure it has happened at least once. At those annoying times, all you want to do is escape into an alternate reality or shut yourself out. Almost always, you end up putting your headphones on and tuning the world out of your head. But what type of

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The God Conundrum

Karthik Ravi/ November 20, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 3 comments

Ah religion. The super touchy topic. Everyone seems to avoid it, or vehemently oppose/champion it. Both sides ignore the other’s opinions and points, and keep trying to shout the other side down. So hopefully, in peace and quiet, and in this space provided to me, I can put the topic across in a different, and hopefully fascinating, light. Firstly, most

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elaniith2k17/ September 23, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Hey there! Whether you stumbled upon us, or were threatened at gun point by someone who wrote something, or just came here to check out what all the fuss your friend was making was about, welcome to our blog! We couldn’t be happier to give you something other than “1 like = 1 prayer” to read, if only for a

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