The New World of Fantasy Sports

Abhinau Kumar/ January 8, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 12 comments

Fantasy Sports is becoming a craze all over the world. It is an easy, fun and addictive form of online gaming that sports fans can just immerse themselves in.  It allows you to, not only watch the sport you love, but also be the manager of your team of professional sportstars. And it’s quite easy to do! All you have to do is choose your team of 11 real life players. Then you’ll be awarded fantasy points depending on how well they play in their actual games, because you had chosen them in your team. If you win, not only do you feel great but you get prizes too!

ELAN too, has jumped on the bandwagon, partnering up with Fanzoo Sports to make the Elan Football Fantasy League. Elan and Fanzoo are offering some pretty awesome prizes for this fantasy league and it takes just a few minutes to setup your team (go to to make your team). And of course, it is free to play for all you lovers of the Elan Cultural Fest!


Fantasy Sports may be easy to play but it is definitely not easy to master.  There are many parameters to look at and much analysis to do. It’s almost like being a scientist if you ask me! Let’s go through some of the parameters you should use to make a great fantasy team.


  1. Salary Budget: When you are choosing your team, you cannot just choose every player you like. You have a predefined budget and each player is assigned a salary. The big name players have a higher salary and take up a larger portion of your budget. For eg. In the Elan Fantasy League, you have a total budget of 70 to choose your team. But Alexis Sanchez (who is a top player) has a salary of 10. If you choose him, you will have to make sure you can fit the other 10 players in a budget of 60. Not easy! That’s why we at Fanzoo love the Sleeper! The sleeper is a fantasy player who does not have a high salary but scores lots of fantasy points. He is the underrated star of your team. Find the sleeper and your team is sure to do well!


  1. Fixtures: When choosing a player, it’s very important to see who he will be playing during that week. Choosing a big name striker who plays against a miserly defence may not be a good idea! Let me give you an example. On a regular gameweek, Zlatan would be a fixture in your fantasy team (he is the only shining light for Man United and scores most of their goals). But in a week in which he plays against Chelsea, he would have a tough time scoring as the Chelsea defence is very good. That week, you may choose to drop Zlatan and play another striker who has a more favourable matchup instead.


  1. Study the Scoring Rules: Fantasy Points are awarded on the basis of many statistical factors. In the case of football, points are of course awarded for goals, assists and clean sheets. But there are many other scoring parameters too! You get negative points for yellow cards and red cards. You get points for a player playing the 90 minutes. A defender gets more points for scoring a goal than an attacker. Before choosing your team, study the scoring rules first!


  1. Choosing your Captain: When you choose your team of 11 players, you have to make one of them your captain. The captain has his points doubled and therefore is your most important player. If you choose the right captain, you team will skyrocket up the leaderboard for sure! When we choose a captain, it tends to be a striker who has an easy game (Aguero against a small team is always a good bet!). But, sometimes a goal scoring defender can also be a great option!


Hopefully these tips will help you choose a good fantasy team for the Elan Fantasy League. The competition will be fierce as we all know that IIT Hyderabad really knows its football. Make sure to make your Week 1 team before the deadline on Saturday the 14th of January. Good luck and GAME ON!


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