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The God Conundrum

Karthik Ravi/ November 20, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 3 comments

Ah religion. The super touchy topic. Everyone seems to avoid it, or vehemently oppose/champion it. Both sides ignore the other’s opinions and points, and keep trying to shout the other side down. So hopefully, in peace and quiet, and in this space provided to me, I can put the topic across in a different, and hopefully fascinating, light. Firstly, most

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And In The End…

Bharadwaja Ryali/ November 6, 2016/ music, review/ 0 comments

Imagine a crowd of 100,000 music freaks, singing along with you, when every note and every line echoes through the sky. When the place is filled with anger, agony, joy, mystery, hope and all the emotions and when, with every song, you feel that your life is complete. Well, that summarises what Linkin Park is all about. Roll the reel

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